Blown Glass.

Cast Glass.


Commissions UK.

Commissions S.A..



Peter Tysoe cast glass


Kiln cast works  of vessel forms [above] modelled in wax & cast from refractory

moulds by the ’Cire Perdu’ method






Works kiln cast from layers of clear

glass cut & cold worked  - with internal

lettering referring to Aboriginal names for Onkaparinga river - S. Australia and

Dylan Thomas poem [below]





‘Boat Bowl’  L 65cm  H 34cm  1991

‘Yulara’ L 40cm  H 32cm   1993

‘Wing Vase’ H 21cm  1994

‘Land Break’  L 31cm  H 8cm    1999

‘Onkaparinga Names’  L 38cm  W 16cm   1999

‘Seven’  L 66cm   1999

‘Do not go Gentle...’   Dylan Thomas poem  cast into glass in 2 forms -  total L 42cm   W 6cm